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Double Five Dallas Facility

Your Trusted BJJ School in Dallas

Why Choose Double Five Dallas

Best Black Belt in Texas

Our Team of Black Belts are the best you going to find in Texas. Lead by the multi time Black Belt Champion Joao Gabriel Rocha, and 2 other World Class black belts.

Huge and beautiful facility

Double Five Dallas is a 6,000 square foot facility located in Dallas, TX.  The Jiu-Jitsu academy houses 2,800 square feet of Zebra Mats, with a subfloor below the mats to provide the highest quality matting system available.
Upon entering the place, you will notice this is not your typical Jiu-Jitsu school.  The mats may be huge, but don't need to be intimidated by it's size, we have a family and friendly environment that will make you feel home since the first trial.

Double Five Dallas structure makes your journey in Jiu-Jitsu more fun and enjoyable

Classes start on time and adhere to a standardized curriculum and class structure. The consistency of this structure combined with the creativity and innovation of our World Class instructors is the perfect match to increase your progress.


Double Five Dallas Community will change your life forever

When you join Double Five Dallas, you are not just getting classes. You become part of a community united by the ideals of the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. Special classes and side events coupled with ordinary classes create a fun and exciting calendar of activities that you and your family will love to take part in.

Double Five Dallas is an Environment for the Whole Family

At Double Five Dallas we have different programs to all the family. You can exercise yourself while your kids are doing the Jiu-Jitsu classes.

You will train in germ-free facility

Cleanliness is a top priority at Double Five Dallas.Double Five Dallas staff clean the facility constantly. Double Five Dallas mats are cleaned on a daily basis with a specially designed cleaning agent that neutralizes bacteria, fungus and odors without detriment to the equipment.

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