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Learn how to make the perfect Açai Bowl

Acai Bowl

If you already train Jiu-Jitsu for a little while you probably heard about Açai before. And the reason for that is that Brazilian people are crazy about it.

Açai is an Amazon berry from the north of Brazil. The purple color of it tell us this fruit is filled with amazing nutritional properties.

In fact Açai is one of the fruits with the higher amount of anti-oxidants ever studied before.

The fruit itself is not so tasteful due to it's bitter flavor.

That's why the Açai Bowl got so popular, because it's blended with some other sweet fruits and also with Guaraná syrup that makes Açaí so good!

But be careful, a bowl of açai can be very caloric as it has a lot of fat in the composition. This is a very good kind of fat, very similar to olive oil properties.

As it gets more popular in USA it's easier now to find it in a lot of different places, like Costco, Sprouts, Whole Foods, or even some online stores. It comes frozen in individual packs ready to be blended. Ready carefully the ingredients as it might have sugar already.

There are a lot of recipes, but the most important part that you have to know is how to make it. If you learn the right way you can change the recipe as you want and as you like it.

So, first thing is get your frozen açai and the fruits you want to blend with it, a very good tip is to use frozen fruits and it helps to get the sorbet texture. Some of the most popular fruits used to this blend is strawberry and bananas. They not only increase the flavor but also will improve the texture of your açai bowl.

Second step is to choose a liquid ingredient you want to use, it can be simple water or if you want to give a fancy touch to it you can use coconut water or even other fruit juices like orange, but be careful, you don't want to add a lot of liquid or you'll end up with a smooth not a sorbet.

If the açai pulp you're using is not sweetened already you can use sugar, honey, or any other kind of sweetener that you like.

Blend it very well until it gets a very smooth texture, be careful if your blender is not so strong you should do some pulsing before (you don't want to burn your blender, right?).

Put the açai blend in a bowl and it's almost done, now it's the fun part, choose different toppings for your bowl, the list is huge, here are some good ideas: blueberry, strawberry, bananas, coconut, peanuts, almonds, peanut butter, honey, granola, and the list goes on and on...

The best part is now, when it's ready to be eaten. Nothing is better than an açai bowl in the summer. Let us know if you make it and how you like it!

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