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Pedro Rocha wins Double Gold at Austin Open

Pedro Rocha brought 4 medals home last saturday, September 20. The athlete from Double Five Dallas won double gold on No Gi competition (weight and open class). This was the first IBJJF competition after all the BJJ tournaments being canceled because of the Pandemic.

It was possible to see all the effort to keep a safe environment as the mats were cleaned after every fight, visitors were also limited to reduce people at the stadium.

It is an honor to have our Black Belt Professor Pedro Rocha shining on the Top of the Podium like that.

Pedro has his back ground in Wrestling and he manages to use all his knowledge in No Gi as well. If you never tried his No Gi Classes you should! He teaches No Gi 3 times/week at Double Five Dallas.

This was only the first tournament after COVID-19, but several others are schedule already, including Pan Ams, on October 2020. Pan was going to be on March, but due to the Pandemics it was canceled.

The question everybody is asking now is will it be the IBJJF's Worlds this year? We don't have the answers yet, but we sure hope everything gets back to normal as soon as they can ans as safe as possible!

To know more about our Athletes and professors go to our website:

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